Secret Games Update: Phase 1 testnet has begun!

Hey all, happy to announce that The Secret Games have BEGUN!

Today marks the beginning of Phase 1 of the Secret Network incentivized testnet, where successful validators can earn rewards for completing node-related secret missions.

Only 15 highly qualified candidates were selected for this phase. Over the next two weeks, invited validators will complete “secret missions” and compete for rewards. Learn more about this phase and the invited validators here!

If you were not selected for participation in Phase 1, don’t worry! Phase 2 is just around the corner and is open for all to participate. Right now the expected start date for Phase 2 is August 10th, 2020. Testnet stewards - including Secret Foundation, Enigma,, and Chain of Secrets - will be available to help support you, along with other members of the Secret Network ecosystem and existing mainnet secret node operators. Many more rewards will also be coming available for Phase 2 participants.

Learn more in our initial announcement:

And if you’re interested in Phase 2 and want to make sure you don’t miss updates, register your interest using our Airtable form (if you haven’t already):

Good luck to all!