SCRT Tokenomics Research Report

Cross posting here.

Didn’t see a lot of people on the call at the end and doesn’t seem like its recorded but just wanted to say, I’m not a fan of the exclusive focus around staking APR meeting a threshold, and little importance on what the end taxes are. Which is how it’s presented. Of course it’s great if we hit a good APR threshold for stakers, however.

If total taxes are 30% and staking apr is 10%, thats more dilution than if total taxes are 15% and staking apr is 10%. (example numbers to illustrate the point)

Major thing I don’t like about the research so far is that it seems to minimize that mattering at all. Also, as I said on the call, the research presents a case for different tax numbers for the treasury but it leaves snf numbers pretty much as a footnote. Not trying to propose a specific SNF tax here myself, but it will be annoying if treasury tax is determined separately from SNF tax, and then we find ourselves more diluted later because the focus is on apr instead of a wholistic big picture.

I’d like to see this formally addressed in the future, and it sounds like there is a willingness to do that.