Read Write Contracts Website

Hi Secret network community,
my name is Zici, from Sendfusn protocol. We are very exciting to join and build on the Secret Network in the near future.

We are looking to find website that allows us to read and write smart contract online. We’ve heard from the community that has built a smart contract interface, but we/ users found it was hard to use and entry barrier was high, it required users to hold VIP1 level of their token to get access.

@stevenchang5000 Hi Steven, how are you? We are wondering if you have any future plan to upgrade the smart contract interface so that it shows the different smart contract function like on Bscscan?

@moonstash Hi moonstash, how are you? We’ve heard that you run, do you have any plan to build read, write functionality like Bscscan?

If there is anybody is working on a similar idea, could you please let us know? Thanks!

Hi Zici,
in the past the smart contract interface would show all the available functions when someone put the wrong function in but we had to upgrade to a new api endpoint which does not return that data anymore.

We would like to upgrade but currently have our hands full with several other projects.

Yes we do but it’s a ways out. There is also today.