Questions of the paper

I want to ask some questions about the paper ,

Decentralizing Privacy: Using Blockchain to Protect Personal Data

In this paper , it refer the Tdata , Taccess can store some information and send in blockchain.

I wonder the Tdata , Taccess , they both are transaction , but are they also smart contract?

Enigma: Decentralized Computation Platform with Guaranteed Privacy

In this paper , I wonder when share be generate? I know encrypted data & public data , but what cause share be generated?

data --(by policy encrypt)–> encrypted data --( what party in share? )

–> share --(for privacy)–> spdz (verified correct)

and , is share step equal the secret smart contract ? or spdz step.

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Hi @ARsakura,

The white papers you’re referencing are not implementation specs for the current Enigma network. They discuss early possibilities for the design of a decentralized platform for computation on encrypted data using MPC (Multi-Party Computation). Enigma’s current implementation uses TEE, a hardware-based solution using Intel’s SGX.

Enigma’s technical documentation can be found here:

I hope that helps!

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@laura Thank your reply , It descriptive very clear.

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Great! @ARsakura feel free to post here on the forum or in the discord dev-discussion channel if you want to explore ideas or to talk about your interests/projects as they relate to Enigma :smiley: .