Querying for transactions with contracts

Hi! Can someone please advise? What events do transactions executing smart contracts fall under? Thanks!

Hi @pinkie012 - it depends on the smart contract because the original SNIP-20s only had transfer_history, but the new tokens that implement snip-21 and snip-22 now have a transaction_history as well.

We have a transfer_history viewer at btn.group also a smart_contract_interface at btn.group if you want to poke and prod a smart contract.

Hi stevenchang5000

Thanks so much for pointing me to the apps. Just to confirm, are these apps only for us to probe our own contract history?

Hi pinkie012, as long you have the correct combination of:

  1. Smart contract address (For token)
  2. Account address
  3. Viewing key

… You can view any transfer_history etc. There’s an input for the viewing key on the transactions page:

Let me know if any other questions / issues etc