Proposal to Adjust Secret Foundation Tax to 0%

Hello to the Secret community,

This thread is to discuss my proposal to adjust the Foundation tax rate to 0% until more clarity on next steps for the ecosystem are established.

I first raised this idea to Guy and SCRT Labs (as well as other community members) late last year. It was clear to me that changes needed to be made to rebuild community trust and build a strong foundation for Secret 2.0 and other initiatives, and it seemed that Guy agreed. I suggested that the tax rate could be adjusted to 0% while we collectively worked on a potential plan for restructuring the Foundation, establishing new entities, and/or overhauling reporting.

I also raised a number of other avenues I believed deserved serious exploration at that time, including:

  • A transition to a no-stock corporate structure for SF, similar to what Radiant Commons recently established in the Penumbra ecosystem (we had already begun research on such a transition)
  • Closer collaboration with Secret Agency and potentially greatly increasing its resourcing
  • Assembling an advisory board for SF and the broader ecosystem

I shared these ideas (and others) and solicited feedback from other members of the Secret ecosystem at this time as well, and it was agreed that all of them would help improve community trust and strengthen the ecosystem. These ideas all relate to the concerns raised by the community in Proposal 103.

Over the past months we have proactively led on coordination between SCRT Labs, Secret Foundation, Secret Agency, and many other entities that are aligned by our commitment to the network and its growth. We’ve established many new processes and systems that have made our ecosystem more productive than ever before. The momentum is exciting and inspiring. Secret 2.0 is a massive and challenging vision. However, building and keeping trust between all these organizations and contributors will be necessary if any of these processes are to remain effective - and if we wish to achieve the Secret 2.0 roadmap.

It is widely agreed that the most important thing is the health, sustainability, and growth of the Secret ecosystem long term. This has always been my focus since I began working with Guy at Enigma in July 2017, and it’s remained my focus in my work at the Foundation. The global adoption of open-source privacy technologies is deeply important to me, and I have staked my entire career on this goal. The Foundation has been committed to this mission since its inception and remains committed to it now.

However, there is still no clarity on many important aspects of the path forward. There has been private and public disagreement on how to best work towards growth while ensuring sustainability, decentralization, and accountability - for all organizations, including SF. There has also been disagreement on how to assure that ongoing operations are not disrupted during any transitional period. This ranges from practical questions (What happens to employees and contractors? What happens to health insurance? Open contracts and commitments? Tax obligations?) to tactical questions (Should Foundation funds be distributed, when, and to whom? How would they be managed and secured? What milestones are appropriate?) to many related ethical and legal questions.

These are not simple questions. This is not a simple ecosystem. Sweeping calls for funds to be “returned to the community” are not practical or detailed, and they are potentially destructive and damaging to Secret Network. There has been no step-by-step plan articulated for the path forward, no outline of how it benefits the ecosystem’s growth or sustainability, no assurances for employees or contractors, and no analysis of what the broad legal, tax, or other implications would be of such a plan. This has been raised and discussed in private, but there are still no answers and certainly no consensus.

That said, the Foundation has already taken multiple proactive steps to research the answers to all these questions and propose concrete next steps. We’ve made private and public assurances that we are strongly aligned with the goals of the ecosystem and community, as well as committed to our own stated mission. I have built confidence that SF can continue operating as normal during a transition period where these questions actually get answered in a responsible, researched, and professional manner. These questions are too important to be tried in the court of public opinion, and they have serious consequences for the many, many people who’ve committed themselves to the growth of Secret Network.

Until we successfully work together to find these answers and create a plan for execution, I propose the Foundation tax be adjusted to 0%. This thread can be used for discussion of this proposal.


Return the funds.
Thanks in advance


Whatever shape the road ahead of us takes, this seems like the easy first step on our way there.

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Thanks Tor for the rundown. I believe in the SF as a tool to grow the eco system and look forward to it continuing to do so.
A far as I’m concerned, the money has been allocated as per proper arrangement of the past and therefore remains under the guidance of the current management. Calling for it to be returned is just short sighted and improper.

Too much referencing to reestablishing trust. Should of never lost it in the first place. At the start EVERYTHING needs to be non-shady. We have hit a shady patch on our path. As with the SEFI escaped no answers have really been given . What was the actual name of the VC that swindled the SCRT from SF?

As we can see by the satoshi price, nothing has really changed . The trust isn’t their for the newbs doing their due diligence . I don’t think SF has added much value to network in retrospect because of their consistent water mudding . They have been very good at adding confusion, distrust and now a sketchy badge to the mantle. Tor spends a ton of time typing out retorts to SF wonky maneuvers and another fair amount of time fishing on twitter for engagement with “big” accounts. SF seems to create FUD and not add too many big fish into the SCRT ocean.

I just think at this point SF has not much use anymore . As for the criminal event, Why drag it all out? Why keep pushing the fraud under the rug. SF says it was scammed, why not just admit it from the start? SF comes across as somewhat criminal now after blatantly hiding information about a crime.

For it was crime, SCRT was stolen.

My advice , if you are genuine Tor, if you really think you can help be a part of fostering in this gentler, kinder fair future go to Africa.

Go work with our Africana Agents. They are motivated , enthusiastic and keen to push SCRT across their corrupt continent .

Go where you are needed if you genuinely feel you can help the people 200 years from now.

ATM SF makes me look very VERY stupid and naïve when question about the foundation are ask , to ME.

Go to Africa Tor for 1 year. That’s is the right thing to do, that is where you are needed now.



Can you give us tl:dr? I couldn’t get past the “I first raised this idea” without feeling nauseous.

Changes must be made, the opacity has to stop. No doubt about this. However NodeFather and a few other community members are clearly using this situation to carry out their personal vendetta. Throwing around words like fraud, talk of lawsuits, inciting violence, etc etc. It’s pathetic, they know full well what they’re doing and it’s flaring tempers of agents who don’t quite understand what’s going on.

Just for everyone who isn’t seeing the other things happening right now. The community will be changing the tax in the coming hours / days. Please be very cautious giving Eric Tor Bair the benefit of the doubt after he stole community funds to buy a house.

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Speak of the Devil spewing classic emotional manipulative language as always. Shame.

The dude literally embezzled community funds to purchase a 1.8m house, while also saying foundation couldn’t afford to pay for things and knows we are already working on a proposal for this topic.

What exactly has been stolen? If he only sold tokens he was owed from vesting?

We might be expanding this a bit much outa bear boredom but the reality sink in is that there has always been intent to keep SN broken from within. Whomever is unintentionally being webbed in to created decent is open for debate still, I guess.

Tec is dangerous to legacy ways, obviously game will be played. What amuses me is that some folks profess to be Game Theorist but get gimped consistently.

Maybe that’s part of the play, bow out in shame.

Toronto Secret Art Army exist. Grassroots mission are in process. Mobile wallets open up more fields for the infantry sheep to munch on.

The rising of the creatives will lead the community along while the builders keep making us strong.

  • legal terminology
  • lack of proof

= not advised

Fraud = Not advised.

Agreed - do you have any way to substantiate what is fraud and what isn’t? Or do we just throw the “alleged” word around everything?

If you have evidence of actual fraud kindly share it or stop the deranged ranting.

As I said elsewhere, a lot of evidence regarding this is public and Tor has been deleting things such as this post announcing the secret foundation as an NPO, he also deleted all his comments outside of around 100 in the Secret Network community telegram and other channels. All while there are still other things that he hasn’t disclosed. It’s ironic to see people who never talk come out to try and bait more info from me. DYOR or wait for more info to come out when it does.

Look, man, if you make allegations then refuse to substantiate them don’t act shocked when people don’t believe you.

Most of the discussions have happened behind the scenes for the network leadership. This includes 45+ people in a working group putting together a plan to move forward, includes many 1 on 1 calls, and other context you dont have available. People understand and agree on 2 things.

  1. We need to get the rest of the community funds back from the Secret Foundation ASAP.
  2. We need to cut off the inflow of money for the current Secret Foundation ASAP.

A loud minority mostly consisting of randoms, is arguing Tor didn’t do anything wrong and everything is fine.