[Proposal retracted] Increase max_memo_characters & tx_size_cost_per_byte

Hey everyone,

To ensure that forwarding messages in the Packet Forward Middleware are not limited by the current maximum of 256 characters, I propose to increase the max_memo_characters limit to 10k.

I also propose to increase the tx_size_cost_per_byte from 10 to 100 to prevent possible spamming of having bigger memos.

For more info, please refer to the post in Cosmos Hub here: [last call] Increase the size of the memo field to 100kb and 10x the cost of bytes - Hub Proposals - Cosmos Hub Forum


Alex | :ringer_planet: Secret Saturn


PFM uses the MsgTransfer memo, while the memo in subject is the transaction memo. Is there a reference doc regarding this from TFM/squid/Axelar/skip or any other party the does cross chain routing?


I am opposed to increasing the cost per byte by 10x as this would totally kill our ability to launch NFPs.


As I previously mentioned in the gov call today, this prop was basically a mishap from my side, mixing up the IBC transfer memo and the normal transaction memo.

The IBC transfer memo offers a much bigger max size of afaik around 32k, which is plenty for Packet Forward Middleware.

This proposal is retracted.