OpenSSL error on "cargo install cargo-generate --features vendored-openssl"

Error while executing Rust install instructions on this page. Win7.

cmd: cargo install cargo-generate --features vendored-openssl

C:\Users\admin>cargo install cargo-generate --features vendored-openssl
    Updating index
  Installing cargo-generate v0.12.0
   Compiling autocfg v1.0.1
   Compiling proc-macro2 v1.0.36
   Compiling unicode-xid v0.2.2
   Compiling winapi v0.3.9
   Compiling syn v1.0.86
   Compiling cfg-if v1.0.0
   Compiling jobserver v0.1.24
   Compiling libc v0.2.116
   Compiling pkg-config v0.3.24
   Compiling vcpkg v0.2.15
   Compiling memchr v2.4.1
   Compiling lazy_static v1.4.0
   Compiling once_cell v1.9.0
   Compiling version_check v0.9.4
   Compiling crossbeam-utils v0.8.6
   Compiling regex-syntax v0.6.25
   Compiling serde_derive v1.0.136
   Compiling serde v1.0.136
   Compiling proc-macro-hack v0.5.19
   Compiling ucd-trie v0.1.3
   Compiling either v1.6.1
   Compiling crossbeam-epoch v0.9.6
   Compiling unicode-width v0.1.9
   Compiling maplit v1.0.2
   Compiling log v0.4.14
   Compiling tinyvec_macros v0.1.0
   Compiling rayon-core v1.9.1
   Compiling percent-encoding v2.1.0
   Compiling scopeguard v1.1.0
   Compiling bitflags v1.3.2
   Compiling matches v0.1.9
   Compiling anymap2 v0.13.0
   Compiling unicode-segmentation v1.8.0
   Compiling num_cpus v1.13.1
   Compiling doc-comment v0.3.3
   Compiling unicode-bidi v0.3.7
   Compiling encode_unicode v0.3.6
   Compiling fastrand v1.7.0
   Compiling foreign-types-shared v0.1.1
   Compiling anyhow v1.0.53
   Compiling openssl v0.10.38
   Compiling semver v1.0.4
   Compiling vec_map v0.8.2
   Compiling strsim v0.8.0
   Compiling fnv v1.0.7
   Compiling static_assertions v1.1.0
   Compiling zeroize v1.5.2
   Compiling smallvec v1.8.0
   Compiling number_prefix v0.4.0
   Compiling heck v0.4.0
   Compiling num-traits v0.2.14
   Compiling memoffset v0.6.5
   Compiling num-integer v0.1.44
   Compiling rayon v1.5.1
   Compiling getrandom v0.2.4
   Compiling cc v1.0.72
   Compiling path-dedot v3.0.14
   Compiling thread_local v1.1.4
   Compiling proc-macro-error-attr v1.0.4
   Compiling proc-macro-error v1.0.4
   Compiling ahash v0.7.6
   Compiling itertools v0.10.3
   Compiling textwrap v0.11.0
   Compiling pest v2.1.3
   Compiling tinyvec v1.5.1
   Compiling form_urlencoded v1.0.1
   Compiling heck v0.3.3
   Compiling foreign-types v0.3.2
   Compiling smartstring v0.2.9
   Compiling path-absolutize v3.0.11
   Compiling openssl-src v111.17.0+1.1.1m
   Compiling libz-sys v1.1.3
   Compiling libssh2-sys v0.2.23
   Compiling libgit2-sys v0.12.26+1.3.0
   Compiling pest_meta v2.1.3
   Compiling unicode-normalization v0.1.19
   Compiling crossbeam-channel v0.5.2
   Compiling quote v1.0.15
   Compiling aho-corasick v0.7.18
   Compiling bstr v0.2.17
   Compiling openssl-sys v0.9.72
   Compiling idna v0.2.3
   Compiling time v0.1.43
   Compiling terminal_size v0.1.17
   Compiling winapi-util v0.1.5
   Compiling atty v0.2.14
   Compiling remove_dir_all v0.5.3
   Compiling dirs-sys v0.3.6
   Compiling home v0.5.3
   Compiling proc-quote-impl v0.3.2
   Compiling regex v1.5.4
   Compiling url v2.2.2
   Compiling crossbeam-deque v0.8.1
   Compiling same-file v1.0.6
   Compiling clap v2.34.0
   Compiling tempfile v3.3.0
   Compiling dirs v4.0.0
   Compiling chrono v0.4.19
   Compiling console v0.15.0
   Compiling globset v0.4.8
   Compiling sanitize-filename v0.3.0
   Compiling proc-quote v0.4.0
   Compiling pest_generator v2.1.3
   Compiling walkdir v2.3.2
   Compiling thiserror-impl v1.0.30
   Compiling rhai_codegen v1.3.0
   Compiling dialoguer v0.9.0
   Compiling indicatif v0.16.2
error: failed to run custom build command for `openssl-sys v0.9.72`

Caused by:
  process didn't exit successfully: `C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\cargo-ins
tall8bXz7s\release\build\openssl-sys-48796266b1bda2ef\build-script-main` (exit c
ode: 101)
  --- stdout
  running "perl" "./Configure" "--prefix=C:\\Users\\admin\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\
-build\\install" "no-dso" "no-shared" "no-ssl3" "no-unit-test" "no-comp" "no-zli
b" "no-zlib-dynamic" "no-md2" "no-rc5" "no-weak-ssl-ciphers" "no-camellia" "no-i
dea" "no-seed" "no-engine" "no-asm" "VC-WIN64A"

  --- stderr
  thread 'main' panicked at 'called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: Error
{ kind: NotFound, message: "program not found" }', C:\Users\admin\.cargo\registr
  note: run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` environment variable to display a backtrace
warning: build failed, waiting for other jobs to finish...
error: failed to compile `cargo-generate v0.12.0`, intermediate artifacts can be
 found at `C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\cargo-install8bXz7s`

Caused by:
  build failed


Need step by step instructions for a student with no experience in Rust. I’m just learning. If you give advice on what to do, write how to do it, where to download from and how to install it. The link says it should be:

Where can I download it? How to install? Why are the instructions so badly written? The following link with red arrow leads here – what to do with the archive downloaded from Github?

The problem was solved by downloading and installing Perl.