Moving Validator to New Hardware

The online availability threshold is quite unforgiving at the moment. As a validator, I must move to upgraded hardware. What is the process for doing so? Do I need to create a new validator and re-delegate bonded stake? Or is is possible to copy the validator configuration? Please explain with commands. Your enigmacli documentation is good enough but this isn’t covered.

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There’s a proposal to address this -

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How to migrate a validator:

@can Very well but I already got slashed. I still want to upgrade my hardware to avoid this in the future.

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How to vote on the proposal:

@assafmo Then, run the unjail command?

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Yeah you can migrate then unjail or unjail then migrate.

If you already are in jail then I suggest you migrate then unjail, so you’ll have more breathing room to upgrade without the fear of being slashed again.


@assafmo My new full node has a node_key.json file in the same config folder. Should I replace, delete or leave alone?

Can you let us know what went wrong? is it connection related or HW related?
Im just curious…

The internet connection went out for a couple minutes.

You can replace it or leave it. It affects the node’s ID you can publish for other nodes to connect to, but it’s really not necessary