Question regarding private transactions from Ethereum account


I am curious if it is possible

  1. to keep my Ethereum balance private using Enigma protocol
  2. make a private Ethereum transaction from my Ethereum account to another one ( without deploying a contract)

Thank you!


Hi, can you give some examples where you’d need this?
The answer to both is no I’m afraid, but maybe your use case doesn’t need it.

The richest millionaire example computes over encrypted state (millionaires address and networth), but the account performing transaction which adds the data to the contract will be public on ethereum, and of course you’ll see their address. You won’t know who the millionaires are nor their networth, and you can code the contract such that only certain addresses may know who this is, or any account.

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@andreiIV you cannot keep your Ethereum balance secret with Enigma.

Regarding transactional privacy, we recently launched Salad, an ethereum coinmixer on our test network. It’s significantly cheaper then ZK implementations and provides a much better UX:

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