KEPLR seed phrase

Setting up KEPLR for a friend when I realised I did not have written down in my book my own seed phrase.
Where do I go in KEPLR to view seed phrase ?

Top right is a little profile button, click that, then the little 3 dot menu right of the account to “View mnemonic phrase”

Thanks taariq
Did that & all it gives me is

View private key
Delete account

Do I need to create a new wallet with the " private key " so I can generate new seed phrase

Just tested with a new account and if I import the account with a seed, or create a new account with a seed, then I can view the mnemonic seed.
Whereas ledger for eg, I can only delete the account.
And if you imported with a private key, you can only export the private key, which perhaps is what you did initially.
If that’s not the case I think Keplr support can help clear it up, send an mail to

Thanks for you help & valuable time @taariq
Have sent an email
Again thank you for your time & assistance

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HI @MickeyT,

This is because you have created the Keplr account using the Google Login feature. We utilize Torus for this feature, which doesn’t create a mnemonic but only the private key. In any case, you should be able to import your account using the private key within Keplr if you happen to lose access to your Google Account somehow.

If you prefer keeping your account on a mnemonic seed-based account, I’d suggest that you create a new mnemonic-based account and migrating your funds there.


thanks Josh,
most helpful
Cheers Michael