Hello guys,

My name is Tiago Al-Alam and I’m an administrator at Archimedes Staking Pool -
I am preparing the infrastructure to participate in the second phase of the incentivated testnet.

Please, isvEnclaveQuoteStatus = CONFIGURATION_AND_SW_HARDENING_NEEDED status is acceptable?
My server is displaying this status after updating bios that Dell made available on July 13th.


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No, this is not acceptable even for the testnet.
Did you verify you have the latest BIOS for you HW?
Did you install the latest microcode for you CPU?

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Hello Tiago and welcome :slight_smile:
What enclave do you attest when you get this status?

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Hello assafmo and toml, thanks for reply.

Yes, updated bios (released 07/13/2020), and microcode too. I still couldn’t solve the problem, I sent them a message via chat.
Thank you!