Is Enigma Team out of money?

Hi Guys,
I’m bit confused on how things are going on Enigma.
First of all, is Enigma out of money? I’m referring of ico funding, as we know we raise 45M in 2017 and I would like to know, who is the legal entity who raised money and how is current financial situtation.
Because is not clear to me, why Enigma need a community tax of 75% for funding a Swap Procedure that cost around 450k SCRT (around 55k if we consider SCRT price as ENG price).
Thank’s all

Hello @Merit
I am not able to answer your first question as I am not part of their team but I believe Enigma can not fund the swap procedure because of legal procedures and therefore it has to be funded by the community. You can read the accepted swap proposal here:

In the proposal they speak about 422k scrt to spend in development not in legal…

“Enigma can not fund the swap procedure because of legal procedures” - - - - - - - - - I’d love to know more about this.