Install Enigma/Catalyst

I am not to Catalyst. Trying to install using instructions at
Platform: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS
I have tried both Acaconda & MiniConda installs which don’t complete.
The troubleshooting steps are ok until command “pip install enigma-catalyst matplotlib”
Looks like main error is “Could not find local HDF5 installation”.
I have not found anything on Google to fix HDF5 issue.

  1. Am I using the appropriate plateform? I saw other posts referencing “Docker” which I thought was for Windows installations.
  2. When adding packages I get upgraded to python 3.7.2. Should I try to keep envirionment at python 3.6? Not sure how that would be possible when installing required files.

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— Success —
… Obsticles…
enigma-catalyst 0.5.21 has requirement certifi==2018.1.18, but you’ll have certifi 2019.3.9 which is incompatible.

I was successful with Catalyst install using the following in he troubleshooting section.
The key was confirming was before running “pip install enigma-catalyst matplotlib”, remove wrong version of certifi, install correct version of certifi, then run “pip install enigma-catalyst matplotlib” and confirm installation.

conda env remove --name catalyst
conda create --name catalyst python=3.6 scipy zlib
source activate catalyst

Now verify certifi version again

(catalyst) steve@steve-cat5:~$ conda list | grep certifi
ca-certificates 2019.1.23 0
certifi 2019.3.9 py36_0

Remove wrong cerify version

conda remove -n catalyst certifi

Verifi cerifi removed

(catalyst) steve@steve-cat5:~ conda list | grep cert ca-certificates 2019.1.23 0 (catalyst) steve@steve-cat5:~

Install correct version of certifi and couple of other packages

conda install certifi==2018.1.18 numpy==1.14.0 setuptools==38.5.1

Verify correct version of certifi

(catalyst) steve@steve-cat5:~$ conda list | grep cert
ca-certificates 2019.1.23 0
certifi 2018.1.18 py36_0

Install Catalyst

pip install enigma-catalyst matplotlib

Verify installation successful

(catalyst) steve@steve-cat5:~$ catalyst --version
catalyst, version 0.5.21

Congratulations! You now have Catalyst properly installed.