Initial tokens for transaction fees

I saw someone post in Telegram about using secretTokens and ibc/tokens for fees as a UX improvements and after some time this is my thoughts:

Correct me if i’m wrong but this should be fairly easy to implement after supernova, we can just merge in the logic from Terra which is able to use it’s stablecoins as transaction fees; it also seems to be able to use ibc/tokens too.

This would be a massive UX improvement for new wallets in the ecosystem, but the downside might be less utility for the SCRT token and Keplr dose not support this either.

We would have to whitelist these though which I don’t think Terra has yet.

What dose everyone think of this idea?

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I think it’s a great idea, and there’ve been several talks about doing this. As far as I’m aware, nobody has stepped up to the plate to commit to it. The discussions, currently were around using this module: ADR 029: Fee Grant Module | Cosmos SDK

To add, I’d argue onboarding is our largest pain point right now. Adding this should be at the highest priority.

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Using tokens as fees is a great improvement for sure. Though, it means validators need to have viewing keys or permits, and it means they will have some very tricky tax calculations to do (that they can’t opt out of?). Just things to think about, not an objection.

Would love to hear from @Cashmaney @reuven @guy etc on this.

This is true, I don’t think a validator can opt-out; maybe a very short whitelist like sETH, sBNB and sXMR, just the native tokens from the chains we have bridges too would help

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That being said this may not even be a problem anymore after IBC because native SCRT would be purchasable on other IBC Dex’s

Sorry sir. But our validator will only accept anons as fees. Add 580 to the whitelist. Thanks in advance.