Collaborative Effort to Restructure Foundation into a Transparent NPO

Following recent events, we, together with the community, came up with a proposal to restructure the Foundation into an NPO, in a way that is aligned with the community’s asks. The feedback received so far shows that the community at large supports and encourages the move.

Throughout this process, we were able to maintain an open line of communication with Tor and we were happy to see that he acknowledges the urgency of such change and is willing to collaborate with the suggested actions.

Our objective, as previously noted, is to complete the transition period in 90 days once a Trustee is appointed, as detailed in our recent proposal. This is to swiftly bring stability and clarity back to the community.

In regards to the restructuring proposal, Tor has given his support to move forward as is, while requesting the following minor changes. We find these changes reasonable, and have amended the proposal accordingly:

  1. Tor will have visibility into the Trustee selection process, including the ability to suggest Trustees. However, he will not be making the final decision, which is reserved for the community.

  2. The trustee will notify all stakeholders ahead of time about any potential tax implications before transferring the funds to the escrow accounts (both Crypto and Fiat).

Our ultimate goal is to rebuild the trust and unity of our community, and we believe that this restructuring effort is a crucial step in that direction.

We are grateful for the support and understanding of our community during this challenging time, and we are confident that with the cooperation of all parties involved, we will be able to emerge from this situation stronger and get back to building the Secret 2.0 vision.

If you agree with this course of action please vote “Yes” on the restructuring proposal that will be put up to a vote this Friday, February 3rd.


To the Secret community:

I began working with @guy in July 2017, inspired by his vision for making privacy universal. It has now been an incredible half decade of service to the mission of Secret Network: building and scaling open-source privacy technologies that achieve global availability and adoption. The future of Web3 must be secured by pragmatic and powerful privacy solutions, and Secret has become the market leader.

Over the past years, our community has faced at least a dozen seemingly impossible or existential challenges and come out stronger every time. We have disagreed and passionately fought over many issues - best practices, best paths, best principles. But those of us still here have always believed one thing at our core: Secret must succeed.

The future of Secret depends on having a strong path forward that not only gives reassurance and confidence to the community we’ve already built, but that also attracts a new generation of builders and supporters to our cause. With Secret 2.0 on the horizon and our application layer finally reaching maturity, the time has come for change that will lay a better foundation for the important years ahead of us.

After reviewing the proposal and speaking with many members of the Secret community, including Guy and SCRT Labs, I have given my support to these next steps. There are still many questions left unanswered, but I have confidence that the Secret community and the people empowered to lead this process will do their very best to answer them over the coming months and place us all on the right path.

None of us wish to see any disruption to the network’s ongoing operations or its public perception during this process. My full focus at the Foundation will be on facilitating the path forward and working with all stakeholders to ensure things move at the intended pace. Meanwhile, current Foundation and Agency employees will continue to serve the network in their full capacity. They are all wonderful and talented individuals who, like me, have dedicated their careers to the Secret ecosystem. I hope the entire Secret community shows them full support as they participate in this transition.

Please support this proposal, please support Secret, and please support each other!



This is great to see. Onward and upward! :rocket:


Go SCRT!!! :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


Great to see! Very encouraging for the ecosystem as a whole :smiley:


Thanks @guy and @tor for all of your efforts. :handshake: upwards and onwards :pray:


Great to see this all coming together


So proud for Secret Community! :heart::heart::heart:


The future is bright for SCRT with leadership in collaboration and alignment :muscle:


Great to see! Bullish for the future of SCRT


Looking forward to more transparency and alignment from our community all around.


Amazing, amazing, amazing! I’m so proud of you @tor for supporting this path forward and for being committed to working with the trustee to ensure it’s a smooth transition, that also takes into account both the community and the existing Secret Foundation and Secret Agency members. :heart:

Thank you @guy and everyone else who has worked tirelessly to move things forward in a way that is in the network’s and community’s best interests :pray:.


Now seeing this, just made my week.

I have been saying this from the get go, SCRT community will emerge stronger than ever.

And I sincerely believe that.

LFG :fire::fire::fire:


well done guys. Restoring community trust is the most important thing, and seeing you united on this proposal helps a lot! Let’s focus on building and expanding the Secret Network


You guys had me worried…

Good to see you’ve worked together and have a plan.


I fully support this proposal and the work being done to transform the Foundation into a non-profit organization. The communication and cooperation with Tor, as well as the community’s backing, instills confidence that this restructuring will bring much needed stability and clarity. I will be casting my vote in favor of the restructuring proposal on Friday and encourage others to do the same. @guy your efforts in keeping the community informed and advancing towards rebuilding trust and unity are greatly appreciated. Let’s work together towards realizing the vision of Secret 2.0.




It’s not as big a change as I would have liked, but it’s definitely a step forward. :rocket:

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I just want to say, I am proud of our community. Truly proud.

We have our drama like any other, but we also get things done. And we are on a mission.

I know there was some high levels of emotion in the last week, and tempers flared. But at the end of the day, all parties want what is best for the communuty and network. It’s very impressive to see leadership from all side come together and collaborate like this, and move forward.

Seeing this, just confirms my convictions all over again that SCRT is not only going to make it, but it’s going to be a big factor in changing the world.

I have no doubt that Crypto is the future, and the future NEEDS SCRT network.

Thank you to all the leaders that have come together from Foundation, Labs, Agency, and Community to move forward :muscle:



The SCRT community knows how to overcome problems, most networks might even collapse after such events, but Secret Network stands firm.

All this makes us stronger! :rocket: