Error: header has next vhash

We tried start your own chain explorer (with Big Dipper) but we got some error from our nodes when we tried to build the big dipper database:
{“error”:“header has next vhash 813D269C52E0507529410ACE7EE25179B7377F42C4F43FE771CD9E3E57FF8C28 but next valset hash is E7ECD078760D01B36423A565C52309E2096D69CEC29936CE4D54079096744362”}

Is this a chain related issue or a rest/lcd server issue or something else?

Any ideas are very welcome…

Hi @syck, try setting trust-node to true

and see if that resolves it.

We saw the same issue and that worked for us. I saw that answer on our, but I don’t have the link atm.

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Hi Laura,

Thank you, it’s worked!

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