Commonwealth - portal for on-chain gov

Hey Enigma! Glad to reconnect - my first serious foray into crypto was in the earliest Ambassador program. I still keep an eye out - which is why I wanted to introduce Commonwealth.

Commonwealth connects to multiple chains - allowing you to login from several Web3 platforms, and subscribe to, and create communities (and soon sub-communities, I see you Secret DAO.) It’s sybil resistant - so conversations are always connected to an on-chain account. The basic functions include support for governance actions; imagine being able to vote directly from this forum after reading a proposal.

With wallet support, it’s also easy to hop over and send a tip to posters you value. We’re also about to release notifications that detect a variety of events to keep community members informed about:

  • new posts in all the communities you subscribe to.
  • important proposals or governance actions for which their attention is needed.
  • announcements from validators or other community leaders.

You will also be able to:

  • Permit access to communities or subcommunities based on the user having a particular token - ENG or an NFT for instance.
  • Create subcommunities, for instance, led by Validators to speak directly to their nominators in PoS systems.

We’re working on integrating Cosmos into the interface currently. You’ll notice that Ethereum, NEAR protocol, Edgeware and Kusama are already there. The NEAR community uses Commonwealth heavily, and you can peek in there for examples.

I understand things are being more community-led lately- Commonwealth is expressly designed to facilitate that, so I wanted to bring the option of opening an Enigma channel there.

If anyone wants to contact me personally to learn more -