[CCBL] Fee Grant Faucet

CCBL Fee Grant Faucet


This is a community pool funding request for the Fee Grant faucet that is still open on our CCBL.


:ringer_planet: 𝕊ecret 𝕊aturn is a validator on Secret and the developer of the Secret Ledger App. At the moment Secret Saturn is just one person taking care of everything. Since this CCBL is a rather small project, the work needed wasn’t overwhelming for a single person.


The Faucet has already been built and is in production here: Faucet SecretSaturn
The repository for it can be found here: feegrant-faucet 𝕊ecret 𝕊aturn

As you can see the project has been forked from the original testnet-faucet from SCRTLabs and modified it to use the Fee Grant module.
Also I changed the UI a bit to fit Secret Network’s color palette.

Plan is to improve the UI/UX a bit more, which should take us not more than 2-3 hours depending on the wishes of community. I therefore encourage everyone to tell me their wishes/improvements for the fee grant faucet, you’re welcome. :slight_smile:


To build everything, from starting to having it running in production, it took me around 10 hours at 75$/h which is 750$.

Continuous support for 6 months is included in the funding and is comprised of the following parts:

  • VPS for the website hosting + Cloudflare (At the moment with the free version, might upgrade plan if needed): around 50$/month
  • 1 additional node on the load balanced public API 𝕊ecret 𝕊aturn to compensate the additional load on the nodes: around 130$/month
  • 1 hour per week for support, upgrades, maintenance of the faucet and filling up the faucet regularly: around 300$/month (4x 75$/h)

For 6 months that brings us to maintenance costs of 2880$.

Total CCBL ask is therefore going to be 750$+2880$ = 3630$.

I would suggest to do another community pool proposal after 6 months for the running costs of the faucet if the community is happy with the faucet and would like me to continue after that.


This does not work with Keplr yet unfortunately, it does only with SecretCLI.

Alex said he would see if he could make a PR for both Keplr and Fina, i will support even if that cant happen at this moment.

This would also replace blackbox for a more permissionless system when it is integrated with more wallets.

So, easy yes from me.


What’s the issue with Keplr? Secret.js has support for feegrant payer

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its just not integrated yet is what Alex said, i am not sure what exactly IS needed so i will leave it up to him to comment on that.


Here is the progress so far on the CCBL:

  • Keplr (thanks Assaf and Thunnini for the help) and Fina Cash (thanks to Fina implementing it so fast!) both have implemented the Fee Granter option into their transactions panels/options. Both can now be used for the faucet. Tutorials on how to do that should come out soon. (Thx Ertemann)

  • I’m working on implementing the faucet on wrap.scrt.network, should be finished in next days. I’ll have to rework the ask a bit, but not by much.

  • Financing of the Faucet will go over two routes: First would be donations, the rest will be filled up with the provided maintainance costs if needed. I got a suggestion to put the donations put in stkd-scrt for compounding. This is definitely possible, I would suggest to create an extra cold wallet (on a Ledger) for that has openly/community accessible viewing keys for stkd-SCRT and sSCRT to track the balances.


Awesome progress! Great to see Fina and Keplr implement it so fast :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to collaborate with a contract dev to create a smart contract that stakes X SCRT and claims the rewards every so often to send to the faucet address? Seems even more sustainable that way :slight_smile: bonus points if the amount staked can be adjusted to fit the needs of the faucet.


The final update before I get this on chain:

  • Keplr and Fina have both added the functionality to support feegrants

  • I did a polll on the telegram gov and asked around if a smart contract to handle the donations (cost: 1200$) would make sense for us. The slight majority was against it at this point in time. That means that I will handle the donations manually and provide sSCRT and stkd-SCRT viewing keys for the donation address. We can however always transition this into a smart contract afterwards, especially if the faucet is community led in the mid/long term. :slight_smile:

  • I’ve also added some things after input from @assafmo and @ertemann to make onboarding easier. The wrap.scrt.network site will automatically take care of everything for the fee grant. You connect your wallet via Keplr or Fina and it detects if your SCRT balance is 0, if so it automatically grants you the feegrant so you can (un)wrap your token. You can find the PR to it here: Add Fee Grant by SecretSaturn · Pull Request #12 · scrtlabs/wrap.scrt.network · GitHub

For the extra work done for the wrap.scrt.network site I increased the ask a bit since I put more time into building and coordinating, which is the following now:

Initial work: 16x75$/h = 1200$
Continuous support for 6 months stays the same at 2880$.

Total CCBL ask is therefore going to be 1200$+2880$ = 4080$.


Voted Yes!

Alex, thank you for stepping up to implement this CCBL item and I applaud your efforts to improve the UX on Secret Network :clap: .


Hey everyone,

thanks everyone for the unanimous support across the community and governance. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

here’s an update on the faucet status:

  • I’ve setup a treasury that holds the access funds for funding the faucet. I’ll do a separate forum thread on it so everyone knows where to send donations to it and how to see the balances and transactions.

  • I’ve hooked up an additional node to my public API node as stated in the prop.

  • SCRTLabs will hopefully soon merge my PR, they are very busy at the moment and have higher priorities to solve first. I’ll try to help them as much as I can with merging it.