Bridge to Incognito Chain

Hey everyone,

After I read this article (, some thoughts come to my mind. I think the team should implement a bridge to Incognito Chain (a privacy-first chain) so that Secret Network would have many bridges to BTC, ETH, XMR, NEO, ZIL, TOMO and soon Binance Smart Chain. Those bridges were already implemented in Incognito Chain and work perfectly. Besides, its AMM has a lot of liquidity. I think this cooperation would provide both sides with some benefits.


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Welcome @abduraman! I am trying to better understand how Incognito works at the moment. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It seems like Incognito doesn’t run smart contracts based on my very brief scan of their github, need to do more research

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Thanks for your warm welcome. I hope both sides find a way for a cooperation. Incognito supports Ethereum smart contracts but Incognito and Secret have different solutions to the smart contracts. While Secret has its own smart contract execution context, Incognito encapsulates Ethereum smart-contracts via its privacy layer. It is called pEthereum. It was deployed in April. Here are some related links: