Altermail Angel Investor Campaign

Hi @everyone :loudspeaker:

We’ve launched our angel investor campaign. :rocket:
The first step is to fill out the survey if we’re matching and seeing the possible potential of the community interest.

:information_source: The survey is located here: Prospecting Angel Investor Survey

After the survey is filled, we will be in touch on the 8th of July for further steps.

We will demonstrate to all angel investors our progress, roadmap, go-to-market plan, MVP and legal setup.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding Altermail, the product, or the technological stack. You can contact @MrFreeman or @Minigunner

To see our grant application, it can be red here: Altermail: Secure data integrity sharing model based on three-tier system · Issue #14 · SecretFoundation/Grants · GitHub

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I’m in - signed up for it already. Thanks!

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Hi @maleficarum , thank you!

Please, don’t forget to mention your contact details, otherwise we won’t be able to reach out to you.