Address alias is live!

Hey guys,

as part of our auditing suite for secret network, we have created an address alias dapp.

  • Search an address by alias: “batman” => “secret12345678901234567890”
  • Search an alias by address: “secret12345678901234567890” => “batman”

The aim was to:

  1. Create a fun way to share your address with people.
  2. Have dapp developers create an alias for their accounts so that auditors can figure out easier what the purpose of their account is e.g. “admin” , “strategist” etc


  1. Create an alias.

  1. Find alias via alias or address


This is awesome, nice work! Looking forward to Keplr integrating this.

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Sadly one address one alias… Nice work btw!

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As someone that sends SCRT all over the place, having this as a potential option is super helpful. Great work!

Great tool!

Is it possible for an alias to be associated with different addresses? For example, if batman already exists as an alias for an address, can somebody else register batman for another address?

Hi pesho,

all aliases are unique and are case-insensitive e.g.
if “Batman” exists, another user can’t make alias “batMAN”

Let me know if any other questions