Secret Network Competitors?

Hi everyone - I’m new around here and just in the research phase of getting my head around Secret.

Are there any videos or articles discussing other Layer 1’s and Layer 2’s that are also implementing privacy-preserving features and how their approaches differ from Secret?

I’m looking to do a deep dive into Secret’s approach and what differentiates it from similar projects.


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I am interested in such materials too.

I can name a few privacy protocols off the top of my head:

  • Aztec (Ethereum ZK-based L2)
  • Haven Protocol
  • Phala (Polkadot)

Of those only Phala seems to have a scope of magnitude comparable to Secret Network. Others appear to specialize on payments and trading.


Well it has been a week , how was the deep dive? I’m curious to understand exactly how determined you were to research OTHER layer 1&2 protocols . Did you learn how far they are behind SN ?

Haha well a week is not a long time (especially on a subject like this)!

I have spent a good deal of time on it though.

I should mention that I am more interested in computational privacy, rather than transactional privacy.

I’ve only done a real deep dive (how is that possible in a week) on some other layer one type projects and also projects that you would probably classify as being outside of “crypto”.

There is loads of cool stuff going on and it is very exciting for everyone - I’m not going to mention any other names as I’m not here to shill anything (don’t give a shit about tokens) and this is a Secret Network forum, not a general community interested in “privacy”.

But what is great is that there is real, useable solutions available right now and many more coming down the pipeline - it’s awesome to see this stuff finally coming together.

I haven’t delved much into layer 2 solutions yet - but already have a decent understanding of what is going on in that space.

I’m not sure about the “how far they are behind SN” part of your question - that wasn’t really what I have been researching.

Still got loads to research and plenty to learn - my initial question still stands, I’d love it if someone has done a real deep dive on this topic and can help me by referencing it here.

I would recommend only focusing on Secret Network.

Become an expert, then peel your way back to the other layers you feel could be competitors.

You will see that there is no reason to research any further, SCRT can do anything your privacy needs require.

What can SN not do?

I say this out of kindness, save your time, there is no other “competitor” close to completing what this protocol has already accomplished.