What is the gaslimit of mainnet

I want to make sure how secret network is scalable at this time.

Hey @vitocchi
Block limit is currently 10 scrt but that’s being lifted somewhat in the near future.
At 10 scrt we managed about ~190 secret contract executions per block at ~52k/tx on testnet, can at least double that for just sending scrt etc

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Hey @taariq

I understand. It’s highly scalable! Thank you for your perfect explanation :smiley:

Is the unit of the block gas limit SCRT, not Gas?

Sorry if I misunderstand your question, but let me try clarify.

There’s only uscrt as native coin in the network, and it’s also used to pay fees yes.
And when I said 10 scrt is the current block limit, it’s because 1 scrt equals 1000000uscrt, and the limit is ~10000000uscrt

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Thankyou @taariq, I understand about uscrt.
My question is that, like Ethereum, is the amount of uscrt as fee calculated by used gas multiplied by gasprice?

Oh, then yes you’ve got it, if you provide a gas price then its multiplied by gas wanted, which you may think of as gas limit.

You can also provide a fee you’re willing to pay, and if it’s more than enough you get nothing back.

If you dont know the amount of gas you can use auto and add an adjustment, so there’s a little buffer else it sometimes fails, and with it set any gas price you like, if a validator will accept your fee.

Is there no limit of tx gas per block although there is limit of fee in uscrt per block?

The limit is on gas used, but you could overpay that limit.

Thankyou. Am I correct in understanding that the fee including the overpay is limited up to 10 SCRT and the amount of total gas used in a block is also limited?
If so, what is the number of the limit of gas used?

No, I’m afraid you misunderstood.
The limit is on gas used, actual computing requested by the contract. And it applies to the transaction itself attempting to compute more than that, as well as to the sum of all gas/scrt used by transactions to be include in the block.

To show you can overpay what’s actually used, here’s a test transaction paying 11 SCRT as fee, even though gas used is only 69,013 uscrt and minimum gas price is low if set at all, generally a minimum of 0.25 SCRT cos that’s what docs suggest.

Thankyou, I understanding is below.

Usually the amount of fee in uscrt of a tx is calculated by used gas multiplied by gasprice.To get gaprice enough to a validatior compute tx, we can use auto. we can also set manually gas price, but a tx with too low gasprice could be denied by the validator because the cost to compute the tx exceeds the fee.

On the otherside, we can overpay fee by manually setting the fee.

In proper gas price, the fee of a secret contact execution costs approximately 10/190 SCRT, so about 190 tx can be in a block.