TEE/MPC Would developers also be able to use both types in the same dApp?

by its_part_of_trade

As I understand it, developers will eventually be able to choose different execution engines for their secret contracts — either TEEs (Secret Contracts 1.0) or MPC (Secret Contracts 2.0) — would developers also be able to use both types in the same dApp such as TEE for the more computationally heavy work and MPC for the more sensitive data aspects?

Guy Zyskind: „That is the goal, but it’s to be seen to what level of granularity that would be. Most likely, enabling this on a per-execution/transaction basis is a no brainer. Whether we take it a step further and enable it on a per-instruction basis is yet to be seen, but it shouldn’t be overwhelmingly difficult.

The DVM will be able to separate instructions involving private data that requires MPC from those including public-data that can be executed locally. If we add another flag/input to each instruction to explicitly declare whether we want the execution to be in MPC or in a TEE, we can achieve this mixed-engine execution approach."