T.E.E. "Ring of Trust" with forcibly distributed token

If Enigma could make use of this contract model, there would have to be some type of “migration” function implemented. A transition. or potentially using Enigma to define a cluster of contracts associated with each other.
Unless there is some value that foam has in the centralized world.

The contract I created forcibly distributes the “resolve token” supply.
This distribution can be used to create a ring of trust, such as what’s needed for proof of stake sidechains.
I believe this ring of trust can be applied to devices associated with FOAM’s protocol. Bringing finality closer to the beacon event layer.

That is all. Just let me know if a “ring of trust” can be wrapped around any layer of your protocol.
I spoke to another member here a while ago about a research grant related to this idea.

I’m currently testing the contract. All source is available.

Core Contract: http://lewd-trucks.surge.sh

Ropsten Testnet
Pyramid Contract: 0x3Ee1Cc4Df311F67B0e3675A8da85335367e4123d
Token Contract: 0xA254bbaCB3bAfF5466e8faA5Bfa079E3b1A4329C
Color Contract: 0x8902201B7a4f832647a7c8f982C786bF3191Db13

Pyramid Contract Source: pasteBin 1xyngunz
Color Token Source: pasteBin K1Agxr8i


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Hey @Econymous can you clarify what is meant by “ring of trust”? You mention this is required for proof of stake sidechains but I am not familiar with the terminology. Thanks!

I made it up.
The ring concept comes from the pie chart. They are both circular.
The “trust” comes from the distribution of the token, visualized by the pie chart.

Proof of stake requires that no one has control of more than 50% of the staking asset.
This smart contract uses economic forces to heavily ensure that,

And sorry for the shameless copy and paste.
I posted something similar in the FOAM forum.

The underlying fintech resolves the issue of governance within the blockchains space. which I believe can be applied to a wide variety of digital services.
-GPS ( hence my sloppy Foam copy and paste)
-T.E.E. / Privacy ( and “proof of manufacturing” for such devices)
-Cloud services

I believe blockchain needs to “tap” into the real world for the T.E.E.'s and Cloud services to be truly secured. I think geo-location protocols are the gateway for that to happen.

Maybe someone can come up with a more elegant solution. but I think it would require some decently sophisticated autonomous machines. I.o.T. seems like the foundation for these machines.

I wonder if there’s been any thought around Oracles securing T.E.E.'s