Stuck on task status 3

Hi! Whenever I try to use read_state!() in any contract and then run discovery test, the deployment will succeed, task status will go to 1, then get stuck on task status 3 forever.

To reproduce: from Ubuntu 18.04 with the discovery-cli, follow the millionaire’s problem guide, run discovery compile (succeeds) and the discovery test, leading to the following output (never ends):

Deploying Secret Contract "millionaires_problem.wasm"...
Smart Contract "Sample.Sol" has been deployed at ETH address: 0x2c5f3c004878923f55A2a255F89Fe29393177509
Waiting. Current Task Status is 3
  1. What does each different task status mean?
  2. How do I get unstuck from status 3?

Hi there Theo

  1. TaskStatus status is defined here as;
    RecordUndefined: 0;
    RecordCreated: 1;
    ReceiptVerified: 2;
    ReceiptFailed: 3;
    ReceiptFailedETH: 4;
    ReceiptFailedReturn: 5

  2. What version of node are you using?
    Can you push your project to github so I can see if I get that error too?
    Here’s a fully working implementation, can you please clone that and see if you still get that problem?

There may also be some error logs in the console for the task.


Hey @theo, just checking, did you get unstuck?

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