Storage of valuable data

It sounds like a single encryption key will be shared across all nodes but that means a single broken enclave will mean the entire network is compromised.

What is the plan for storing sensitive data? Will the system utilize additional techniques like secret sharing or multisig?

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Seconding this question – though in the current incarnation does the network store data at all, or just run one-off computations?

@Avret the network stores encrypted inputs in the public state. The inputs can be decrypted by the shared network key - by any of the workers.

This is the roadmap for the next 6 months. We launch the network with secret contracts as described above and work on Ethereum / cosmos ecosystem interoperability.

@Derek we are happy to consider ways to store sensitive data in the state as we see the need for it after we complete the above milestones. Most of the use-cases that we are looking to right now doesn’t require storing sensitive data. This is like does Enigma support healthcare cases question. Not now, but there’s also no healthcare use case on a public blockchain. The only option where this is a problem is to build a deadman switch with your private key on.


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@can Would it be possible to store big amount of data like 300GB?

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Yes, but most probably very expensive in terms of gas and fees.

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