sLink Unwrap and Transfer

Hi! I am having major issues unwrapping and transferring sLink. Can someone please help me?

Bridge is down right now, migration to Axalar is in progress and should be complete in the next few weeks. once its complete you will be able to migrate your Link and use to bring it back to Ethereum

THANK YOU. What is best way to learn when that will be available?

it will be posted on twitter

Still having issues… Any update on this?

According to the message from SCRT Labs shown on

  1. Tokens that are not supported in the Secret Tunnel are available via a manual claim process. Any unclaimed funds are kept in cold storage and can be claimed at any time.

If you have assets that do not support migration, please reach out to the Secret Bridge team. We will assist in the manual claim process. Your funds will be kept in cold storage until you claim them. Contact us at if you wish to migrate legacy tokens.

Have you emailed them yet?