Should We Perform Error Checks before any State Setting

I am learning how to develop Secret Contracts, and I am looking at some example implementations for SNIP-20 tokens etc. I came across something that seems like a bug in the reference, but I wanted to make sure my understanding is correct before jumping to conclusions.

Referencing the try_deposit method, for isntance snip20-reference-impl/ at master · enigmampc/snip20-reference-impl · GitHub

There are several error checks while depositing uscrt native tokens to get sscrt tokens minted. One check makes sure the deposit wouldn’t overflow the balance. The balance is then set if the check passes. The next check is that the deposit wouldn’t overflow the token supply limit. Supposing this failed, wouldn’t our Smart Contract method have left the contract in a bad state where a balance has tokens that are not accounted for in the total supply?

The fix for this is to put all the checks at the beginning of the method and only call the state setters when all checks pass. Am I correct in this assumption? Or is there some feature of cosmwasm storage where all changes are only committed if the Secret Contract method returns OK and doesn’t err?

yup, when the contract raises an error or panics, the storage is fully reverted :slight_smile: storage never stays in an inconsistent state unless your contract really is buggy. This happens transaction-wide, so if a contract triggers callbacks to other contracts which in turn do the same (which happens a lot on the chain today already), The first contract to return an error stops the tx and reverts the state of all the previous contracts.

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You can however do the checks first, before saving any state, in order to reduce gas costs. Even if storage is reverted, you still pay for using it.

Wow, that’s a cool feature and good to know as well for development