Sharing Secrets Episode 6 - Qiao Wang

Episode 6 of Sharing Secrets is an interview with Qiao Wang of the DeFi Alliance!

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I ask Qiao: What secrets has he learned trading, researching, and investing? What’s the right way to measure growth for DeFi, and what will unlock the next phase of growth? Is there a close connection between privacy and liquidity? And what role can the DeFi Alliance play in helping scale decentralized finance from billions to trillions?

DeFi Alliance:
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Please share your thoughts on your favorite quotes / important takeaways / anything else!


Agree with Qiao that fictionless user experience is a huge element towards mass adaption of this new way of doing business. Also yourself Tor that limiting who can identify that business whether it be buying a cup of coffee or making a multimillion dollar transaction. Everyone feels safer knowing their personal finance stay Personal