Shade Protocol Update:

Dear Shade Community, we want to share a few things with you post-launch;

Where is Secret Network - currently the mem-pool is quite backlogged. Some transactions are in queue for multiple hours. We encourage the community to circle back once things have settled down.

LP Pools Update - core contributors are awaiting network stability in order to safely seed the Sienna/SHD (SiennaSwap) & sSCRT/SHD (SecretSwap) pools. The sSCRT/SHD pool is seeded with liquidity and is live on Sienna.

Claim Process Update - The claim process is still live on our website. We will be increasing the “rate-limit” on the claim page. This will discourage multiple transactions being spammed by a single user - you will still be able to claim, but this will put limits on how many requests a user can make to the chain over X amount of time. The chain and validator set on Secret Network is overwhelmed with the amount of transactions that are being submitted, and this should assist with helping ease some percentage of the stress/strain.

The Upside - People really want SHD and are willing to continue trying to claim. This makes us happy :slight_smile:
The Downside - Continued spamming of transactions will cause more backlog and disfunction for everyone

Airdrop OG Role Update - The Airdrop OG role in discord is currently in progress. We have been populating a secure database with user handles. While the claim process is still live, users will still have the ability to earn the Airdrop OG role. We will be manually ensuring that each user who entered their discord handle during the claim process receives their Airdrop OG role in Discord. This means we will be manually applying the role to each individual user. Please have patience with the team as we start this process. We will continue to process batches of assigned roles in the upcoming weeks. As well, we have been live for less than 24 hours. We are working non-stop to ensure the best outcome for our community :slightly_smiling_face:

  • The Shade Team