Secret IBC Relayers - An Open Discussion

Greetings community,

This thread is dedicated to tackling Secret IBC relayers problem. With the way IBC works, we need unique relayers on both the sending and receiving network of any given blockchain communication. Here is the following feedback we are looking for:

(1) Which networks would we like to prioritize connecting to?
(2) Is there anything special required for relayers from the Secret Network side of hardware or set-up?
(3) Who is interested in being a relayer?
(4) What should the incentives be for relaying?

If you are interested in participating in Secret Network relaying, please comment below as we are forming a list of interested individuals.


Carter Woetzel


From Meeting:

1.) Cosmos
2.) Osmosis
3.) Gravity Dex
4.) TerraLuna

(Not necessarily in priority order. Please add your own priority to importance)


Replace gravity dex with sifchain

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+1 for Cosmos and Terra



Worst case scenario: We can have Enigma delegate tokens or do a community spend to someone familiar with the process in a jam. Hopefully we can figure it out internally before the launch though.



  1. Cosmos - gravity DEX access (potentially IBC router soon).
  2. Osmosis - initially liquidity and demand need a case.

I was thinking of just spinning up relayers myself, but the biggest cost is in packet forwarding, which needs a wallet for tx on both ends.

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We already run IBC relayers for many other networks and we will be plugging Secret Network into this relayer cluster

  1. Sifchain! Why? Sifchain has unlocked massive value exchange by bridging the Ethereum and Cosmos networks, which enables users to transfer tokens bi-directionally between the industry’s two largest economies for the first time. It’s easy to use, fast & performant, powerful, and allows users to swap across numerous CosmosSDK tokens and Ethereum based tokens (while adding more and more tokens each and every week!). Sifchain is working on connections to other EVM chains as well, where new connections to other blockchains can be spun up within days, making Sifchain your one-stop shop for being able to swap ANY token from ANY network with each other (super cheaply and quickly). Oh, and margin trading is coming in the near future as well
  2. The Sifchain team will actually set up the relayer for Sifchain & Secret. It’s actually already underway :slight_smile:

The comments are suggesting that some of the teams of IBC compatible projects will also be running their own relays to the Secret Network. What effort if any has been made in determining which projects will be running?
Also I would advocate picking networks in order of size or users as the main priority.

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Sifchain is a must too😃

Osmosis got My approval :facepunch:

But really have to consider CRONOS/CRODEX too please 🥲🤩

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Thats awesome. Glad to have some relayer pros like you already on secret❤️

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I would run a relayer but I’d need tx costs covered also.


There are a couple things I don’t understand about Sifchain. 1) it’s not open to US based users and 2) At the moment it seems they only allow you to send tokens to Sifchain and not the other way around, like I can’t send my Rowen, or anything else from Sifchain to Osmosis or Emeris. Can you explain?

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Just for background do you need to connect to each chain to send coins between? My understanding is some packet forwarding is coming so you don’t need to link into to them. With that said if Secret wants to be another hub we should connect to as many as we can.

I would personally want these:

  1. Terra
  2. ATOM
  3. OSMO
  4. Juno (maybe)

Sifchain is a shitcoin. Full stop. Imagine OSMO. Now make it less user friendly with less TVL.
Isn’t Gravity Dex (Emeris) just a DAPP built on the Hub?

You need to run full nodes for the relayer software to be able to connect directly to; it needs to connect to them via rpc, grpc and ws. You must also have dedicated keys with funds on so that the relayer can submit transactions and pay for the fees.

BlockNgine will be relaying between Secret Network, Terra, Osmosis, Cosmos(Gravity Dex), Sifchain, Akash and Sentinel.

We will add more to the list if we see demand from the Secret Community for it.


Beautiful. I cant wait. The Center.