Secret Dreamscape Bootstrap Funding Proposal

The game itself is interesting. The combination of poker and scrabble has a really good chance of hitting a mainstream vein.

I myself am looking forward to playing this regularly.


Can we put proposal detail onchain instead of leaving it on centerlise forums. I believe many will refrain to participate or Abstain which can lead to indecision or low community participation.

The proposal detail space has limited space as far as I am aware. I see no valid reason as to why someone would not participate or abstain because they have to make one additional click.

(Not the proposer)

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I love what you guys have done, and the time and effort you continually putting into it! I personally believe this is EXACTLY the kind of thing that the Community Pool is meant for!

Easy yes from the Secret Code Podcast node.


Hello All,

Thank you for voting to fund Secret Dreamscape!

Based on all the positive feedback received thus far, we proactively continued developing during the voting period and below are some updates from the team you should find valuable:

  • fixed several bugs that would prevent gameplay from continuing.
  • added player activity indicator
  • added some initial soundFX
  • added a dictionary (and in our next update players will see who uses the dictionary). We’re curious to see if players will develop their own “house rules” with this. So if you’re playing casually with friends then expect a “no dictionary game” but if the stakes get higher, then give everyone the same access to words and make it more about the betting / chance aspect of the game.
  • the pot is split evenly if there is a tie
  • wrote the NFT contract for the first edition collection of cards and will be testing some cards on the Stashh testnet soon.

We also spun up a Twitter account and Discord server and have some great initial growth stats. >100 Twitter followers and 47 members joining Discord and counting.

We will strive to provide the community with more updates as we get closer to launch!

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