Secret Containers now Compatible with Apple Silicon- MacBooks with M1 chips

As a secret contract developer, I was facing issues while using Enigmampc’s containers like local testnet or secret-contract-optimizer. For the past few weeks, I was looking into this issue and find a solution. You can’t run docker images of Amd64 architecture on Macbooks with M1 chips. For that, you’ve to create an Arm64 image using docker buildx. Anyhow, as of now, secret-contract-optimizer is workable with mac M1. While local testnet and other containers will be soon made available by the enigma team. Please test this container using Figment tutorial and let us know here if you find any issues. Container can be run as enigmampc/secret-contract-optimizer:test.

There are some containers that will not run on Mac with M1 chips like secret-network-node because it uses Intel sgx and can only be run on machine with intel chips but if you find a way to run those containers through Virtualisation or emulation. Please share

Special thanks to Reuven and Cashmaney