Queries regarding chainlink

I know that Enigma is collaborating with Chain Link. I wanted to know how chain link achieves decentralization and how does link tokens work.

@curious_enigma we are not actively working with Chainlink. We had discussions to collaborate with Discovery architecture but since things have changed. There are no concrete plans of a collaboration with Chainlink in the Secret Network yet

Any specific reason why? Cause in one the blogs you’ll were praising Chain Link highly? Are you’re planning to develop your own decentralized oracle? Any scalable real world application would need oracles. So what is the rationale behind not working with Chain Link now?

Collaboration with Chainlink depended on getting ETH / ENG pricing for network fee abstraction for the users. For example, a user needed to pay both ETH and ENG for gas (i’m simplifying a bit) - we’d use Chainlink to get ETH / ENG price. Since, we don’t work with Ethereum at the moment, this specific collaboration is no longer valid. That is not to say that we rule out collaborating with them in the future

So is it possible to make a fork on Enigma and and then use ChainLink?

ENG you mean the Enigma token right?

yes - the same concept would be applicable when there’s some bridge between eth and secret network

so you’ll have completely moved out of ethereum blockchain now right?

We have not really “moved out” of Ethereum. Our network is designed to support computational privacy for any blockchain.

More info:

As @jlwaugh is pointing out, we did not move out of the Ethereum ecosytem, but asking the network/users to pay fees in both SCRT and an ERC-20 may prove to be more headache than its worth.