Python interface for SCRT governance

Would people be interested in someone (i.e. me) building a python wrapper over the RPC calls necessary to interact with the scrt network to enable more script-based access to it?

Also, for team members, where would I get a good rundown on the docs for the enigma client interface?

I’ve already asked abt this on cosmos,


Yeah, I think this is a great idea @Avret!

There is a bunch of client side tooling to connect to the Cosmos SDK REST API is developed in JavaScript/TypeScript. I think this is the most important tooling after the Go stuff from the Cosmos team since it allows you to write apps and scripts that run both in the browser and as a script using nodejs. The existing JavaScript libs are still incomplete but at least there is a strong need for them and multiple parties work on them.

Two examples I contributed to are CosmWasm JS (for Cosmos SDK 0.38) and @iov/cosmos (for Cosmos Hub).

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say JavaScript is in any way a nicer language. But since it runs in the browser, it adds huge amounts of value. If you have any chance to switch to JS, you’ll probably have a much easier life coming up with something comprehensive and maintainable by colaboration with other players in the ecosystem.

Or, consider this, I could just pretend all that exists is the API and never have to deal with broken async/await and nonsense type inference :slight_smile:

I think some automated notifications (email etc.) would be great when there are:

  • new proposals
  • when the deposit window is about to end (say 24 hours)
  • when voting starts
  • when voting is about to end (say 24 hours)
  • sharing results when voting ends

I believe these would make participation in governance much easier for holders


If you pop over some docs on the enigmacli rest API I should be able to stand up some pretty simple stuff on an AWS free tier server that handles that

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