Little or no consistency in toolkits and packages available on Secret network

Hi, devs of Secret network. I’ve recently been looking to implement a flex-multisig contract but came across a severe issue. Firstly, it’s not implemented by anyone. Even if the code works properly, there’s no guarantee that the code will work without any problems.

Secondly, Cw-plus is a standard used by most blockchains across the cosmos ecosystem, but we don’t have that on the secret network. We have a secret toolkit that is always slightly different than CW-plus. It makes it very difficult for a dev to quickly onboard SN without changing much of their code and vice versa.

Several organizations are working on secret network that are using their toolings.

  1. Shade protocol’s version of CW-PLUS: securesecrets/CW-plus: Production Quality contracts under open source licenses (
    But the contracts are not maintained(Obviously, they have no duty whatsoever towards this)

  2. Scrt labs’ version of CW-PLUS: scrtlabs/CW-plus: Production Quality contracts under open source licenses (
    Have a lot of errors and does not compile.

The summary of all these paragraphs is that we need one single repository either maintained by Scrt labs or the community. Repo should be a fork of CW-PLUS. We can add new packages as we go, but at minimum, we need to have secret networks version of CW-plus up and running + maintained.


Agreed. This is pretty necessary, and the lack of crossover causes quite a bit of difficulty for people familiar with cosmwasm already to build here. I really think it would be great if assaf could complete those CW-Plus tools, but if he’s unable to, we can make it into dev committee bounties to get them all into working condition possibly.


I agree that it would be beneficial to have the CW-plus contracts up to date for Secret Network. These are boilerplate contracts for cosmwasm chains and the fact that we can’t work with them without compile errors on Secret Network probably sets the bar of entry too high for most devs coming into the ecosystem who want working contracts to start with


@assafmo any comments pls

I generally agree but we lack resources. Would love to get PRs here.


This is probably gonna ruffle a few feathers, but it has to be said.

OP starts by wanting to “implement” a contract… And then it turns out he’s looking to deploy an existing contract that someone already implemented for them.

Everyone expects someone else to have already done the work for them. Programming doesn’t work that way. Someone has to take the risk that “there’s no guarantee that the code will work without any problems.” It’s how the Internet was built!

You know what they say: no pain - no gain.

The result of this mentality of learned helplessness is that an unappreciative attitude to development takes over. Hence the lack of resources that you are experiencing.

Eventually, there’s nobody left in a community who knows how to actually program… and all that remains is a big pile of spam.

It’s also wrong to think that maintainers of open source software have no duty to, well, maintain things. This is a toxic idea spread by the existing software giants like Microsoft and Google: they’re playing the longest game of all. The endgame is that we would all turn to them for development work - rather than solve our problems ourselves, or fund independent developers. (Microsoft already tried to pull that one in the 90s, with considerable legal firepower - and failed. It’s disheartening to see the new generation of developers blindly trust Microsoft tools like VSCode or TypeScript.)

It’s also why competing decentralization initiatives like the Fediverse are making amazing progress. Even though they have no marketing teams, no well-funded outreach programs, even no payment layer, they’re driven by people who are not ashamed to “light a candle, rather than curse the darkness”.

Meanwhile, blockchain is turning into a laughing stock - regardless of the tremendous achievement that is building a global decentralized payment layer, we don’t even have an on-chain forum, but rely on user-hostile centralized services like Discord, Telegram, GitHub… (At least Discourse can be self-hosted.)

Satoshi Nakamoto would be ashamed to see this.

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