How would you go about getting private data from outside sources

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How would you go about getting private data from outside sources?
If we take an example from , where an Enigma node would take an encrypted access token to a bank’s API, decrypt it, and use it to fetch some private data from the bank’s api, on which it does a computation and returns a result.

How would this be implemented from a developer’s side? I’m guessing we’d need an Enigma node to support executing code in something different from Solidity?
How would such an asynchronous operation work with an Ethereum smart contract, since EVM doesn’t have asynchronicity mechanisms built in, right? :slightly_smiling_face:


@siavash82ir, welcome to the Enigma community!

In order to safely connect to a bank API, Enigma would need to implement a TLS connection from the enclave to a certain API endpoint. There’s a research project called TownCrier that details how this can be done. ChainLink is based on this research project.

Next version of Enigma secret contracts will be powered by Rust and will run inside WASM. ChainLink also uses Rust / WASM. However it provides external inputs to an Ethereum contract pre-computation - that is a limited functionality for what Enigma wants to achieve.