Get real-time and historical Secret price in Excel and Google Sheets

Hi all,

My friends and I recently started Finsheet, which provides financial data for spreadsheet users.

We have real-time and historical price for SCRT and other cryptocurrencies in many leading crypto brokers. For example, these functions would return real-time price of SCRT on Binance and Hitbtc:



These 2 functions would return intra-day (1 hour) price of SCRT from the beginning of today (04/15/22) until now:

  • =FS_CryptoCandles( “BINANCE:SCRTBUSD” , “60” , “04/15/2022”)

  • =FS_CryptoCandles( “HITBTC:SCRTUSDT” , “60” , “04/15/2022”)

Finsheet has comprehensive support for technical analysis. We have both Excel and Google Sheets add-ons. They are super easy to use and require zero coding.

Since we just launched, the website is totally free right now. You just need to register an account and install the add-on to access all features.

I really appreciate if you guys can check it out and provide any feedback you may have so that we can improve the website better. Thanks in advance.

Installed & I’m having a nice experience with it so far! I think you have come to the right place here as taxes for some of our users can be a headache.

A couple of questions

What are the advantages of using Finsheet over Cryptosheets?
Can you connect to decentralised exchanges for price data?
Can you connect to private decentralised exchanges on Secret? (Let me know if you want to start that conversation up with those teams)
Any plans to integrate NFT price data in there as well?

Our Secret Agents (20000 of them) would love to help you with testing/debugging if you can provide some free subscription packages as a prize for the best feedback. I know the tool is free for now but when you do go to the subscription model it would be nice for them.

Let me know if you are interested in that & thanks for sharing your tool :slight_smile: