Fund accounts with ENG


I’m trying to execute a secrect contract function from multiple account for testing purpose. The contract I’m using is the Millionnaire one, however when I’m trying to compute the task using another account than the first one, it doesn’t work. The error I get is :

{ name: 'NotEnoughTokens', message: 'Not enough tokens to pay the fee' }

But is it possible to fund these accounts with tokens to be able to use them?

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Hey @chancla!

Sorry for the delayed response, that’s a great question! The walk through guide on line 89 of MillionairesProblem.js sends tasks from different accounts, so this should work if set up according to the guides. Double check the gas limit and gas prices you are using to make sure the overall fee is a reasonable number. Happy to dig in deeper with you to figure out what may be going on, so let me know if the issue still persists and we can go from there :slight_smile: