Error while instantiating


Getting Error:

instantiate contract failed: encrypted: ggi8ngjBdV92gfKO1Su7767mMJggtP3lnUyeLXgsB9ryGueu6Y13aLX2odB5yi2/c8vV4Gav3MWObYUZRmgeS1Nqb2LlPusou6vqhSlo0a00I/2RiL03DsFO7BWyPA==: failed to execute message; message index: 0

While executing in Windows 10, I am using holodeck-2 (
secretcli tx compute instantiate 29470 “’{“count”: 100000000}’” --from ansuman --label “my counter234rtwwwe” -y

Works fine in Ubuntu 20.0

Please help

Hi, there’s something weird with the quotation marks around the JSON input.

Try to do echo “’{“count”: 100000000}’” and see if you get a legal JSON message.

The json input is ok, it is working fine in ubuntu , in fact I am using variables for the input like

set CODE_ID=29470
set INITIAL = ’{“count”: 100000000}’

secretcli tx compute instantiate %CODE_ID% “%INITIAL%” --from ansuman --label “my counter234rtwwwe” -y

Working fine in ubuntu
Not working in windows

Try to do secretcli q compute tx $TXHASH with your txhash to decrypt the error message

Thanks a lot, got it resolved :grinning:

Issue was with input format


For Ubuntu Shell: INIT="{“count”: 100000000}"

For Windows CMD: set INIT={“count”: 100000000} (without the double quotes)

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