Dev Focus Needs To Change In order for scrt to survive

I think that the technology is interesting and useful. However, I think that the devs, by focusing on the exact wrong applications, are leading this project towards quickly being banned outright.

Encrypted files, gambling, secret coins?

From the secret network blog: “The Padlock application interacts with a customized version of the “secret vault” contract, empowering users to buy/sell access to encrypted files without a middleman.”

I cannot understand how the developers could think this is a good idea. It has very little practical utility and a LOT of potential for abuse. As an act of self-preservation, the community should ban this application and any like it from the network, and instead focus on other use cases.

What happened to the other use cases? Identity, medical records management, “Catalyst” algo trading, distributed token exchange

On the blog Guy writes:
“To reach trillions in value, we need meaningful retail and institutional adoption - and for that we need privacy.”

To put it bluntly, why would retail and institutional adopt a network ostensibly used for money laundering, illegal pornography, drug sales and other nefarious activities?

This cannot be compared to cash or bitcoin. If the secret network operates privately as advertised, then it is dead on arrival unless it’s functions and use cases are limited from the outset.

I assume that the goal of many is to make money off of holding scrt coins. How will you make a speculative return on a coin that is banned?

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I cannot provide legal advice - however, I would love to understand the legal stance behind:

"I think that the devs, by focusing on the exact wrong applications, are leading this project towards quickly being banned outright."

It seems like a balance between transparency and privacy - - -is probably the project’s biggest problem to crack. I agree with OP that what is the worth of a coin that will be banned outright?

If anyone knows the governing laws that Secret has been having to deal with - please send the citations my way - I will do some research and provide useful non-legal advice and feedback.

The goal shouldn’t be making money, IMO. Do the protocols correctly and the money will come. “If you build it, they will come.” - I assume the dev’s job is to build it - a lot of trust upon the devs.

Anyone, what are some laws in the United States or Internationally that may ban this coin?

Thank you.

I to am not in the law profession either
But those above listed illegal activities operate already in the FIAT system without us banning cash & the Banking System even when they are Caught Red Handed doing the Wrong thing for Profit.
So if we focus on Legal uses then the Protection of Intellectual Property through making Transaction Pattern Protected & thus not available to your competitors is a strong reason to adapt SCRT
Also the Fact that we have some State backed actors harvesting data for use in the Future is the Biggest Selling point of all. If a memo function was utilised those Governments & Businesses that are under constant attack maybe able to utilise SCRT to move funds & messages with absolute security by cycling a pool of SCRT internally without relying on a middleman
Should focus on the positives & let the lawyers work on the arguable negatives

They would adopt a network that fulfills a need, solves a problem, or creates an opportunity regardless of what others use it for. Long before the world wide web, when most people just used the internet for e-mail, usenet, and ftp, you better believe there were people using it for money laundering, illegal pornography, drug sales, etc… That certainly did not stop retail and institutions from seizing the opportunity that the WWW created for e-commerce. Any organization that did say they didn’t want to have an internet presence because some people used it for illegal activity have since changed their mind or no longer exist. If those concerns didn’t stop widespread adoption before, I don’t see why they would now.