[CCBL] Crowdfunding platform

A quick update, everything is on track. I have updated everything to Shockwave Delta and implemented the SNIP20 interface and deadman switch, and set up the testing env. I will regularly push all code related to this project here: GitHub - darwinzer0/mage-hands: Mage hands secret network crowdfunding dApp


Hi y’all,

I’ve got most of the features done for the CCBL crowdfunding platform. Here’s a video showing some of what’s implemented: Crowdfunding app on Secret Network - YouTube . I tried to make the UI nice enough but of course a lot more time could be spent polishing. I’ll put it on Pulsar in a few days so people can try it out after I finish tweaking a few more things.

A few features you’ll see in the video, include:

  1. Creating a new project. All data about the project is stored on chain, including the cover image which is converted to a 250px webp. The editor allows for embedded videos and pictures in the description and various reward messages if they are copied in as web links. Only the links are stored on chain and when you view the project details it pulls that info in from the link.

  2. There are three kinds of secret messages. The first for people who give money that is shared immediately even before the project is fully funded. The second for people who give money and only after it is successful. And finally a reward message that is for people who give over a specified amount. Basically, those messages can be anything (using the same editor as the description). I have not yet updated to attach an encrypted IPFS file or something to that effect (it wouldn’t be too hard to add that in though). I thought keeping it as a message allows it to be really open ended. People can easily just put a CID or link to a file using whatever system they want and include the decryption key and instructions directly in the message if they want. I imagine sometimes a simple passkey might be enough, especially since many crowdfunding projects will be funding to make things that are not already built, so they wouldn’t necessarily have a file to share right away anyway (that’s why they need funding).

  3. The SNIP-24 reward is implemented with a basic allocation of tokens to contributors (proportional to the amount they gave), plus vested allocations for the creator. It needs more robust testing, but the basic mechanism is working.

  4. The video doesn’t go through the full crowdfunding process, but once it is up on Pulsar you’ll be able to see how it works once a project is funded and how to pay out the project as the creator. I’ll probably create some very short crowdfunding time periods for testing, so people can iterate through project states easily.

There are probably lots of features that could be added, (e.g. uploading encrypted reward files to IPFS, etc.). I think it makes sense to gather feedback from the community based on the Pulsar version before making any decision about when and in what form it should be in before mainnet.


Looks really nice @darwinzer0! When you are ready to push it into testing, shoot me a DM on Discord & our Beta Testers group can help you :slight_smile:

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Hi all, I have uploaded an initial alpha version of the crowdfunding platform on Pulsar: https://pulsar.catallaxy.fund/. There’s still a lot of work that can be done to improve the UX but the basic feature set is there. I would be pleased to get your feedback. At this stage, I am primarily looking to see how things are working and what kinds of options/features people might want added or changed. Don’t worry too much about wonky things about the UI design (fonts, layout, etc) at this time, though, because that might change significantly. I’ll post here as I push new updates to the site, etc.

All of the code is open source here: GitHub - darwinzer0/mage-hands: Mage hands secret network crowdfunding dApp . Happy to receive any PRs! The front end website source is under the ui folder and written in Svelte. If anyone wants help setting up a local testnet version, feel free to contact me.

I recommend trying it out with the new beta Starshell wallet (https://install.starshell.net ) as it has handy features for getting testnet scrt from the faucet and built in sscrt wrapping. It also optimizes gas fees, which are quite variable on the crowdfunding website, especially when creating new projects because different description text and cover images will result in different amounts of data written to chain. If you do that, you’ll want to do it in a new browser or disable the Keplr wallet extension first. Alternately, if you want to use Keplr, then you can get coins from the Stashh testnet site.

Finally, my plan is to keep this on testnet until the feature set is fully tested and I’ve received feedback and incorporated changes. And once it is ready for mainnet, the plan is to start with a limited version of the site that does not have the SNIP24 reward feature enabled. That needs a higher threshold of auditing as well more consideration of how project creators might get dinged for creating securities, so better to start with a simpler site and make sure there’s demand for it first.

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