Browser stucked at "connecting to the salad server"

hello, I successfully ran the salad demo in a linux server, since the server has only command line, so I forward the corresponding port on my laptop, when I open http://localhost:3000 on my laptop, the page stucked at “connecting to the salad server” as below:

and the linux server’s port infomation is as below:

on my laptop, I forwarded the following port, and I am not sure I am right about that:

ssh -L 9545: yili@ -N &
ssh -L 3333: yili@ -N &
ssh -L 3000: yili@ -N &
ssh -L 3346: yili@ -N &
ssh -L 27017: yili@ -N &

I will be glad if you can point out my mistakes :worried:

@ainsley @laura @taariq


Hey @stan_yi,

I’ve got it working using the latest docker images. I have yet to get things working with the develop tag.

One thing, the relay operator is listening to port 8080 so you need to expose that one too. The dApp connects to both 3000 and 8080 as part of the Connecting to the Salad Server process.

If that works for you, you may encounter the same issue connecting to the Salad Server for a specific scenario (below).

In my case it’s when:

  • I change the current MetaMask account
  • Reload the dApp

I was experimenting with Salad by using different sender accounts and reloading the browser for each one so the dApp would pickup the current account.

In order to get it connecting to the Salad Server again I had to quit the dApp (Ctrl + C for me on a Mac), re-run yarn clean-run-operator and then re-start the dApp with yarn start from the frontend directory.

Let me know if you run into that scenario too? I’m going to add an issue for this too, to track it.