Awareness committee funding details

Hey guys I saw that there was a new on chain vote happening, requesting:

Can anyone direct me to the full accounting of the funds so far? I got nothing against funding, just want to know where the tax is held and how it’s been spent so far.

Again I’ve got nothing against funding but I’ve seen a lot of grumbling so far by a lot of the community and would like the bigger picture before voting.


It is in exactly the same document you made the second screenshot from.

I mean the total spend. The tokens are sitting somewhere, being moved around by someone etc etc etc.

Can you point me to the full accounting of this please.

I’m not sure if you understand the proposal. You also talk about tax and the foundation on Discord.

This proposal doesn’t come from the foundation, this is the awareness committee proposal.

Could you clarify yourself?

I understand the proposal.
Am I wrong in thinking that the payment comes from the secret foundation tax?

Yes you are wrong. This is coming from the community pool and is outlined in the document you linked :slight_smile:

Thanks Brendan. Didn’t even realise there was a community pool until people told me last night.

Got a lot of info from people which made it a lot clearer although I am waiting for more from the education committee.

Just want to reinforce what I said in previous messages. I’ve got nothing against people getting paid to work. I’m happy to see it, crypto is moving fast and the competition is fierce. Need all hands on deck.

All I wanted was a clearer picture of exactly what’s going on and where to find it. So far I have received a fair bit of it from this transparency report:

This Secret foundation address:

This community tax param:

This community pool:

Again I would like to reinforce, I am happy to see that people that started this thing and are working on it daily are getting paid. It makes sense.

I just want to see breakdowns and times in a clearer more transparent way so I know what I’m dealing with here, especially when other people ask me about the Secret network.

Good luck on your community application.

  • Big fan of Secret network. Just doing my own research so when people ask me details about investing, I can give them the full picture.
  • I think it’d be great if we can have this on the Secret network website or somewhere as this would settle a lot of people. Most of the investors I’ve talked to are much happier when there is a paid team working on projects full time. No one has any issue with people getting paid to work.

Good stuff! Those are all great resources to gather for new ecosystem participants to be aware of.

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