Any webpage working on viewing snip-20 transactions?

Hey guys, is there any webpage where I can see my snip-20 transactions? Is anyone working on this?

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Yup :slight_smile:

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I stumbled across this as I am trying to report my Tax for last year. It seems return most of the information i need but the date field is not returned, which of course I need.

Is there any way I can accurately report my transactions on the Secret Network for Tax purposes ?

Many thanks


And it should be added into by end of year.

Keep in mind the network is still under maintenance and certain things are either working slow or not at all right now. So you might need to check back in a few days if it doesn’t work for you right now


Thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated. Hopefully when the network is back up and running smoothly I will be able to see the Date of these transactions.

Thanks for your help.



Some snip20 do not have time stamps. This thread can explain more

Ok. Sorry to be a pain but Im not very technical, but very interested in the Secret network. Thanks for your help though !

I have primarily used the Secret network to stake pairs such as sSCRT / SEFI and sSCRT / sUSTD (hope i have them right, but you get what i mean)

Does this mean right now its not possible to go back and get a date for these transactions ? Can the ID number from the snip20history page help me work out when the transaction occurred. Sorry my accountant just giving me a hard time for my tax records !

Thanks again !

Hey Hayden, it depends on the token. The original tokens like SEFI do not have the date/block attached, but some of the new ones do. The transactions page on doesn’t have the date column showing yet but you can look into it the manual way on our smart contract interface.

You will need:

contract_address => e.g. secret1yxcexylwyxlq58umhgsjgstgcg2a0ytfy4d9lt for Buttcoin
key => get this from your keplr wallet by clicking on hamburger on top left, then click token list, then click on the copy icon for your desired token.
address => the wallet address that matches the key
page_size => 50 or whatever number you want (make sure you select the “raw” type)

If the token records the date for transactions, you’ll see it. SEFI and sSCRT will not but it’s possible to kinda figure it out by matching your interactions with those contracts but it’ll be a pain in the butt.

I got another way to go about it if you need some help in regards to staking into pools.

Hi Steven

Thanks for this. I am very much appreciative of your help.

I am primarily interested in how to do this in regards to staking into pools, and in particular getting the date of the transaction. I have only really used the Secret Network to convert tokens to sTokens and then add to the staking pools.

Many thanks again.



Hey Hayden, do you mind jumping on discord so I can talk you through it? Come join and message me.

yes definitely. thanks heaps ! I cant jump on today but I’ll get on tomorrow :+1: