"Wrong Viewing Key" / "View Balance" and "Fix Viewing Key" HELP!

I’ve been having some problem with secretswap.io recently (for some time already). I’m seeing “Wrong Viewing Key” and “View Balance”. This is happenening on both the new (app.secretswap.io/earn) and old (bridge.scrt.network/sefi) interfaces. What should I do? Please help! Much appreciated!

(I think I saw somewhere that there is some migration procedures but I can’t find that info anymore. Please help me with this “Fix Viewing Key” problem!)

Update: I had found some instructions to delete the tokens from the Keplr menu, and then re-generate new viewing keys. The result is STILL the SAME.

I have deleted the cache/data folder, reinstalled Chrome, restored the Keplr wallet… and it cannot resolve my problem. This time, in the Token List, nothing appears even after clicking “View Balance” to create new keys (and I do notice the SCRT is being deducted to create the keys). Please HELP!

Find me on either telegram or discord @mrgarbonzo and I can help you. I will not dm you please be aware of scams

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At this moment, I’ve created a virtual machine, installed the OS, and installed Chrome, MetaMask and Keplr… and the result is the same … Wrong Viewing Key.

Hi secretuser2021, I’ve had this issue in the past especially when switching between accounts alot. I ended up using different browsers for some of my accounts.

However conceptually this is what is going on:

→ Keplr wallet (stores viewing key for token on your local computer) <-> Smart contract for token (e.g. BUTT) has provided you a viewing key and relates the viewing key to your account.

So it’s a pretty simple concept but rather new software, so if you’re switching between accounts quite quickly, you’re going to run into some issues.