Why doesn't the price change?

I have been watching the SEFI vs. USD price changing on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko for several hours. It was 16.2, then 17.5, then 21.1, then 23.8, and now 19.5.
However, the whole time, the price on SecretSwap for SEFI/USDT has been between 16.5 and 16.7.
I am sorry for my inexperience with DeFi, but I don’t know why the price would simply stay the same like this. Would someone please explain to me how this works, and why it is so stable over time when other sites show large changes?
Thank you

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This is due to how Coinmarketcap & Coingecko calculate the price. I am not sure how they do it, but i guess it´s the following:

First they probably take their data from an exchange that is not SecretSwap, presumably UniSwap instead. Then their page looks up the price for a traded pair which would be SEFI/ETH. Afterwards the dollar price of SEFI is calculated SEFI/ETH * ETH/USD = SEFI/USD. (Then you would have to invert this 1/(SEFI/USD) to get the $ value of SEFI.) So if the SEFI/ETH price on Uniswap changes the price of SEFI changes on CMC. It also changes, when ETH/USD changes.

This itself does not necessarily mean, that the SecretSwap price of SEFI is affected. This would only happen if someone would trade SEFI on SecretSwap. If prices on two exchanges differ enough to compensate trading costs it opens up an arbitrage opportunity. Feel free to exploit this. (Also google arbitrage, if you are not familiar with the term)