What are SPYSEFI tokens?

I claimed my SEFI tokens today and staked them in the new SEFI tab on the Secret Finance Bridge. I am now showing some SPYSEFI tokens in my Keplr SCRT Wallet. Does anyone know what those are and what they can be used for?

They are the tokens you have staked.

Gotcha. So even though I staked 802.23799 SEFI, the 80,223,799 SPYSEFI tokens are just a reflection of that? It looks like there are 100,000 times the number of tokens I staked. But you’re saying that’s just the way SCRT does it? If I unstake my SEFI, those will go away and I’ll just have the 802 SEFI plus whatever rewards I’ve earned in SEFI?

Thanks for the reply.

To answer the first part, it is a reflection, yes. And if you unstaked, then they should go away in return for your SEFI since they track your share of the pool.

As for why its not a direct 1:1 in terms of 0s I really have no clue, and it does look a bit funny, but I suppose there is a technical reason for it I can’t think of (im actually interested in knowing now), I don’t think there is a standard on SCRT for this though, so I wouldn’t say it’s just the way.

Literally here for this same question lol - so these SPYSEFI tokens are the equivalent of UNI liquidity tokens?

Are there any pools where we can stake these SPYSEFI tokens to earn more SEFI?

How do I withdraw them when I am done staking and want to convert them back to SEFI?